In the age of digital transformation, everything is connected.
Not only individuals should keep up with that, but also companies that want to achieve
their goals with fewer resources and high quality.

Specifically, retailers should keep up with innovation cycles to build customer
experience that new competitors cannot easily replicate.

Typical Retail Challenges

  • Managing store operations
  • Supply chain planning issues
  • Rapid changes in number of products
  • Continues challenges in stock-visibility and replenishment
  • Lack of real-time data leading to stock-outs and bad customer experience


Why Edraky Retail bundle

Edraky Cloud Retail bundle provides a comprehensive suite of retail offerings designed
to help retailers meet the demands of the digital economy. Most importantly the bundle
is designed to allow your business to be running in just 12 weeks.

SAP Technology

Reliable and Powerful

Turning CapEx to OpEx

Save your investments and run your retail business at a minimum

Pay as you go

Flexible and Scalable.

Managed Services Agreement

No running costs like maintenance, security, and upgrades in
addition to dedicated support.

Pre-defined Scope

Comprehensive & integrated core retail business processes

Project Scope

02 Retail Flyer

Go LIVE in ONLY 12 weeks!

Time is money, that’s why Edraky retail bundle is designed to save both time and money, by shortening the implementation and deployment time to just 12 weeks with a fixed scope that guarantees both the fulfillment of a comprehensive suite of retail offerings, including POS integration and never going over budget

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